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Nina Teicholz is Shaking Up the Nutrition World

Nina Teicholz is a science journalist who has been a leader in challenging the conventional wisdom on dietary fat–whether saturated fat causes heart disease and whether fat really makes you fat. Also: are vegetable oils really better for health? 

For more than half a century, we’ve been advised to eat a diet low in saturated fat (and cholesterol), but more than a decade of research has led Teicholz to conclude that this diet, despite being rigorously tested, could never be shown to prevent any kind of disease.

Teicholz also explains why this diet has remained official policy for so long: the roles played by crusading scientists, the food industry, and more.

The story is as much about politics as it is about science, and Nina Teicholz’s research ultimately confirms that the traditional foods we were told to abandon (meat, cheese, eggs, butter) are safe, and even good for health.

Nina Teicholz has been called “The Rachel Carson of the nutrition movement;”

Recently, the immediate past-president of the World Heart Federation said, “She shook up the nutrition world, but she was right.”

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Rave Reviews for
The Big Fat Surprise

"Gripping narrative…this is a disquieting book about scientific incompetence, evangelical ambition, and ruthless silencing of dissent that has shaped our lives for decades…researchers, clinicians, and health policy advisors should read this provocative book.”

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The Lancet
"Nina Teicholz’s The Big Fat Surprise is ESSENTIAL reading on the saturated fat debate…blew my mind."
Malcolm Gladwell
“A ‘Nutrition Thriller’…Ms Teicholz’s book is a gripping read for anyone who has ever tried to eat healthily…This is not an obvious page-turner. But it is…”
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The Economist Logo
The Economist
“This book should be read by every nutritional science professional…All scientists should read it as an example of how limited science can become federal policy….well-research and clearly written….Teicholz compiled a historical treatise on how scientific …”
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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Logo
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
“This is the most provocative and assumption-shredding food book I’ve read in years. With exhaustive reporting and lucid science explication, Teicholz drives home her central thesis: that dietary fat, even (if not especially) the saturated …”
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Mother Jones Logo
Mother Jones
“Impressive . . . This book shook me. . . . Teicholz has done a remarkable job in analysing (the) weak science, strong personalities, vested interests, and political expediency" – Richard Smith, Former Editor
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The BMJ Logo
British Medical Journal
"[Teicholz] has a gift for translating complex data into an engaging forensic narrative... [The Big Fat Surprise] is a lacerating indictment of Big Public Health...More than a book about food and health or even hubris; it is a tragedy for our information age. From the very beginning, we had the statistical means to understand why things did not add up; we had a boatload of Cassandras, a chorus of warnings; but they were ignored, castigated, suppressed. We had our big fat villain, and we still do."
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The Big Fat Surprise Review on WSJ
Wall Street Journal
"A remarkable new book...a fascinating, detailed, and highly readable investigative history of how some of America’s most trusted scientific institutions went off the rails."- Kukula Glastris
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Washington Monthly Logo
Washington Monthly

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