Concern About the Science of the DGAs

There has been broad concern about the Dietary Guidelines and whether they are based on good science and/or have promoted good health: “Despite concerns for the lack of high-quality scientific evidence, the government and all the major professional nutrition associations had by the 1990s recommended that everyone beyond infancy eat a high-carbohydrate/low-fat diet. Americans were …

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Critique of Dean Ornish Op-Ed

Dean Ornish Giving A Presentation

The following is a review of the Dean Ornish Diet and Dr. Dean Ornish’s statements published in The New York Times. The Opinion Pages | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR The Myth of High-Protein Diets Title is misleading and uninformed. The low-carb diet is not high-protein. It is high-fat. I’m not aware of anyone in the low-carb community …

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For Reporters

Photo of author and science journalist Nina Teicholz

Hello reporters, Because there’s so much misinformation out there about me/my book, I thought I’d just put together a quick fact sheet: The Big Fat Surprise is not a diet book. It contains no recipes and does not recommend any particular diet. It is a serious book of non-fiction, on the science, politics, and history of …

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Overview of BMJ Retraction Request

The BMJ Logo

In late September, The BMJ published a critical feature article I wrote on the 2015 expert report for the Dietary Guidelines. This article was not an opinion piece but a critical examination of the science that underpins the Dietary Guidelines for America. Its main findings were: That the 2015 DGA expert committee (“DGAC”) did not follow the …

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Response to New York Times Letters

My response to the letters that appeared in the New York Times on March 2nd. These letters were, in turn, responding to my op-ed in the Times. I will add to this blog post, to respond to one more letter, so check back if you’re interested. Letter by Willett and Stampfer: They present one clinical …

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My Cholesterol Test for Nightline vs One from 1998

The story on Nightline shows me getting my cholesterol tested.  The actual results are shown below. As I explain in my book, neither total cholesterol nor LDL-C turn out not to be very reliable predictors of heart-attack risk in the great majority of people. More reliable biomarkers are a combination of HDL-C, triglycerides, LDL particle …

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