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Majority of EAT-Lancet Authors (78%) Favored Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

By, Nina Teicholz January 24, 2019; updated 9/10/21; 3/19/22 The EAT-Lancet report, published by The Lancet in January 2019, has been presented as the product of 37 scientists from around the world who gathered to evaluate the science on diet and both  human health and the health of the planet. These are separate scientific questions that each …

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My Debate with David Katz

Recently I debated Dr. David Katz at the SoHo Forum. (Video is posted here.) The resolution was: There is little or no rigorous evidence that vegetarian/vegan diets are healthier than diets that include meat, eggs, and dairy.  I argued the affirmative (i.e., there is no rigorous evidence), and Katz argued the negative (i.e., there is rigorous …

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Everyday Foods With High Sugar Content

Everyday Foods With High Sugar Counts

Sugar has made its way into many staple food items, such that average Americans consume far more sugar than they realize. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines caps sugar at 10% of daily calories–which amounts to about 25 grams for 2,000 calorie/day diet, That’s still too much for people struggling to lose weight or fight other nutrition-related …

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Ketogenic Diet Myths vs. Facts

A slew of articles in recent months have referred to the ketogenic diet as a “fad” or “trend.” It’s “dangerous,” claimed one article, and an anonymous post by the Harvard Public School of Public Health said the diet “comes with serious risks.”1 Yet strangely, these critics seldom cite scientists or doctors who work with the …

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America’s Changing Attitudes on Fat Consumption

America's changing attitudes on fat consumption

New Survey Shows Changing U.S. Attitudes Towards Fat For nearly half a century, the low-fat diet has cautioned Americans against eating fat. Yet according to a recent Gallup survey, the fear of fat is melting. Gallup recently surveyed Americans between the ages of 18 and 65, with results below. Over the past five years, the …

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Hospitals Shouldn’t Be Sugar Shacks

Hospitals Shouldn't Be Sugar Shacks Graphic

The pervasive presence of sugar in hospitals and other public spaces has been in headlines recently, as doctors on both sides of the Atlantic have protested that hospitals, which are ostensibly about health, should not become veritable “sugar shacks.”¹ It’s estimated that 20% of hospitals have fast food restaurants on the premises, with twice that …

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