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Overview of BMJ Retraction Request

In late September, The BMJ published a critical feature article I wrote on the 2015 expert report for the Dietary Guidelines. This article was not an opinion piece but a critical examination of the science that underpins the Dietary Guidelines for America. Its main findings were: That the 2015 DGA expert committee (“DGAC”) did not follow the … Read more

Response to New York Times Letters

My response to the letters that appeared in the New York Times on March 2nd. These letters were, in turn, responding to my op-ed in the Times. I will add to this blog post, to respond to one more letter, so check back if you’re interested. Letter by Willett and Stampfer: They present one clinical … Read more

What Are The Most Popular Cheeses In Every State?

The Cheese-lover’s Tragedy is illustrated by the words of a French woman I met, who lamented to me, “I love cheese so much, but I don’t eat it much, because I fear orphaning my children!” Her dread, specifically, was heart disease.

While my work as a journalist is mainly serious, devoted to a rigorous understanding of science, it’s nice to remember the surprising pleasures that come from realizing that many foods which have been demonized for decades are actually healthy. Cheese is one of those foods. 

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My Cholesterol Test for Nightline vs One from 1998

The story on Nightline shows me getting my cholesterol tested.  The actual results are shown below. As I explain in my book, neither total cholesterol nor LDL-C turn out not to be very reliable predictors of heart-attack risk in the great majority of people. More reliable biomarkers are a combination of HDL-C, triglycerides, LDL particle … Read more