Review by Tom Naughton, Fathead

Reading Nina Teicholz’s outstanding book The Big Fat Surprise was a bit like watching the movie Titanic. The story was long, but also so well written, I was never bored. And even though I already knew about the impending disaster, I found myself mumbling ‘Oh, no!’ as each misstep brought it about – as if …

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Malcolm Gladwell

Nina Teicholz's The Big Fat Surprise is ESSENTIAL reading on the saturated fat debate covered in RH. Blew my mind. — Malcolm Gladwell (@Gladwell) August 17, 2017

The Lancet

“A gripping narrative” and “provocative,” with “Stories of shocking scientific corruption and culpability by government agencies are all to be found in Nina Teicholz’s bestseller The Big Fat Surprise. This is a disquieting book about scientific incompetence, evangelical ambition, and ruthless silencing of dissent that has shaped our lives for decades.” The full review can …

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The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz on Amazon

You know how one week you read ‘eat THIS!’ and the next week the papers say, ‘eat THAT!’ This beautifully researched book tells the story of why and how that happens, at least when it comes to fat and cholesterol. Teicholz’s argument is not only compelling, it reads like a gripping drama. I found myself …

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The Key Reporter

Journalist Nina Teicholz examines decades of research on nutrition and, for me, makes a convincing case that much current wisdom about the effect on heart health of eating fats vs. eating carbohydrates is based on inadequate science. . . . The nutrition field is very controversial—and as a consumer I would like to see and …

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Erin Van Genderen, Paleo Magazine

The Big Fat Surprise is a cross between a Who’s Who of the food policy world and Edward Gibbon’s extensive work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: it offers a complete record of the nutrition paradigm shift, from the birth of the diet-heart hypothesis, to the fabrication of the Mediterranean …

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Adele Hite, MPH R.D.

First of all, Teicholz writes like a dream… Teicholz has the facility of Michael Pollan, with a sharper intellect, more warmth, and a less condescending attitude. She assumes her audience is smart enough to follow her through the maze of science without wanting to stop to examine every risk ratio ever produced. At the same …

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The Big Fat Surprise on Good Reads

You can really tell when someone puts their heart and soul into a book. But this is more. With years of research and nearly 1/5 of the book full of references, this text covers a lot of ground in the realm of nutrition science – or rather what passes for it. Read More Reviews Here