National Obesity Forum

Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz is a revelation….She follows a tradition of brave writers prepared to go out on a limb with ideas which would challenge the accepted mantra…. Teicholz takes us on a twisting journey encompassing board room drama, political hefties and questionable evidence, in the wars of nutritional science where only the big …

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London Times

A devastating new book…. (The Big Fat Surprise) shows that the low-fat craze was based on flimsy evidence. Nina Teicholz, an experienced journalist who spent eight years tracking down all the evidence for and against the advice to eat low-fat diets, finds that it was based on flimsy evidence, supported by an intolerant consensus backed …

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Leah Binder, Forbes

Teicholz may be the Rachel Carson of the nutrition movement, and I hope her book is remembered long enough for us to reverse course and begin to make real progress for the next generation. – Leah Binder Read Full Review Here