David Perlmutter, M.D., author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller “Grain Brain”

Nina Teicholz reveals the disturbing underpinnings of the profoundly misguided dietary recommendations that have permeated modern society, culminating in our overall health decline. But The Big Fat Surprise is refreshingly empowering. This wonderfully researched text provides the reader with total validation for welcoming healthful fats back to the table, paving the way for weight loss, …

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Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Journalist Teicholz combs the science, or lack thereof, to learn how the fats in the American diet grew horns and cloven hooves. “Almost nothing we commonly believe today about fats generally and saturated fats in particular appears, upon close examination, to be accurate,” writes the author. Appallingly, those are still fighting words when it comes …

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Financial Times

This is a striking study . . . which may well change the way you eat. I, for one, won’t ever hesitate to order a steak again. Read Full Review Here

Washington Monthly

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A remarkable new book . . . a fascinating, detailed, and highly readable investigative history of how some of America’s most trusted scientific institutions went off the rails. – Kukula Glastris Read Full Review Here

British Medical Journal

Impressive . . . This book shook me. . . . Teicholz has done a remarkable job in analysing (the) weak science, strong personalities, vested interests, and political expediency’ – Richard Smith, Former Editor Read Full Review Here

The Wall Street Journal

Nina Teicholz in WSJ

[Teicholz] has a gift for translating complex data into an engaging forensic narrative . . . [The Big Fat Surprise] is a lacerating indictment of Big Public Health . . . More than a book about food and health or even hubris; it is a tragedy for our information age. From the very beginning, we …

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Adam Kosloff, Caloriegate.com

Could a single man, Ancel Benjamin Keys, indirectly be responsible for more mayhem than any other figure from the 20th century? Keys’ so-called ‘diet-heart hypothesis’ convinced a generation to eschew eating fat and turn instead to sugar, carbohydrate and processed vegetable oils for nutrition. It may turn out to be one of the most deadly …

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Alice and Fred Ottoboni, Ketopia

The Big Fat Surprise is a truly remarkable and persuasive book in that it is extremely well written, fully accurate in fact, and sincerely heartfelt in approach. Sentiments most often expressed in comments by readers are: I could not put it down.