Interview with Tim and Marilyn Noakes about their (2nd) victory


Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to Tim and Marilyn Noakes about their victory, how they’ve managed to survive 4+ difficult years of living under the allegations against Tim, the millions spent to defend the science, and their hopes for change in the future–so that no one will have to suffer the same kind of persecution for legitimate scientific ideas–ever again.

Apologies for not getting this video up sooner, but I was at a groundbreaking conference in Zurich last week. For the first time, researchers on all sides of the issues engaged in debate on key, contested issues in nutrition science, such as saturated fats, carbohydrate-restricted diets.  I will post some thoughts on that soon.

Also apologies if the video is not the best, but it’s my first-ever go at this.

Here is the link:


5 thoughts on “Interview with Tim and Marilyn Noakes about their (2nd) victory”

  1. I have listened to numerous talks by you. I got your book a while back and am just beginning to read it. I just listened to your talk with Joe Rogan. I have to say I am a Texan in that fly over region, and that our political views are very different. I’m an unreconstructed southerner, also very anti war. I think you just can’t always put people in boxes or always considering them to be racists and bigots. I am learning much from people like you and Tim Noakes, and best thing, I’ve lost ten pounds in 6 weeks and know I will stay on a ketogenic diet for the rest of my life. And yes, if you were to turn over more leaves, you would find more surprises.

  2. Just read The Big Fat Surprise. I am a vascular surgeon and your book for me and my patients is a real eye opener. Thank you for a great book.


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